We are curious, pragmatic, constructive and love working with our customers and partners

We offer a complete service for successful marketing of body care and health products in the Swiss market.

We focus on our core competencies

To be able to focus on our core competencies in sales and marketing, we work with selected companies which support us to act as competent and professional partners. Perfosan AG is responsible for the relationship with its suppliers and customers.


Distribution of brand products in Switzerland.

Our key customers:

  • Classic retail trade from department stores to smaller branches.
  • Pharmacies/drugstores/specialist shops in general
  • Online trade
  • Various

Processing of all business of key customers through personal contact.

Supply chain:

We organize the transport of the goods to Switzerland, including customs clearance. We offer sufficient storage capacity at our Swissmedic-certified storehouse. We take care of the logistics from the supplier to the customer and ensure reliable order processing.


Creative, efficient marketing focused on social media. After reaching a high degree of distribution, we ensure a presence with the end consumer by taking measures tailored to the products. The brands are supported with targeted measures.


We are happy to advise you and to support your project. Advice may be necessary in view of the peculiarities of the Swiss market. Among the peculiarities are the multilingualism, the many local laws and the complex health system of Switzerland. We are pleased to provide information and to discuss any problems with you. We offer consulting services for the following challenges, among others:

  • Establishment of a branch in Switzerland
  • Find a suitable distributor
  • Specific questions about the Swiss market, in particular concerning health products (Rx, OTC and others) and consumer goods
  • Trade issues
  • Supply chain
  • Expertise
  • Ad hoc questions

Our success is based on trusting relationships with all market partners and our high quality standards.