Pearl Drops

Radiant white teeth


Tooth white expertise for your brightest smile

Pearl Drops is the synonym for tooth whitening toothpaste in Europe. The foundation stone for this was laid 50 years ago: in the 1970s, the first whitening toothpaste came onto the Swiss market under the brand name Pearl Drops – and opened up a completely new product category.

Since then, the Pearl Drops range has been continuously expanded to include innovative products for different teeth whitening needs – from smokers’ teeth whites through coffee and tea teeth whites to the latest innovation, Instant Natural White with activated charcoal.

The recipe has also been constantly evolving: the international Pearl Drops research team has repeatedly refined and optimized the proven active ingredient formula.

Quality, experience, competence and a spirit of innovation are the basis of the Pearl Drops success story.

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The special thing about Pearl Drops is its differentiated mode of action: In four levels of action, plaque and discoloration are softened and thoroughly removed with the help of various ingredients, the teeth are then polished and provided with an invisible protective film.